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All of MARCO's Custom Design Jewelry Are Hand Made With Pride In My Studio To Your Satisfaction.

Mission & Future

The Story of the Journey

Mark Silver was working as an apparel designer on 7th Ave in the garment district of NYC from 1977 to 1986. Mark was working extensively in Italy, France and England and developing custom fabrics in India, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. His talent was in merchandising the fashion trends that were selling in the major department, specialty boutiques and national chain stores.

Mark has always had a passion for the design of fine jewelry and opened his first showroom retail store selling his exclusive jewelry collection “Argenti” Designer Jewelers in New York City's Greenwich Village. His specialty custom jewelry became a major destination for his unique designs as well to work with the renowned Barneys of NYC for their jewelry custom work. In 1991, he took his business south, to his second showroom in Plantation, Florida, third showroom in downtown Fort Lauderdale at Las Olas Riverfront and fourth to Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. One thing that Mark Silver is known for is his hands on relationship with whomever he works with. Mark is professional, courteous and respectful nurturing and embracing everyone he has the opportunity to work with. It is an honor for Mark to design custom made jewelry for his clients and he is grateful knowing how important it is to make special rings for such important and life changing times in people’s lives.

Congratulations to Mark on celebrating over 30 years of excellence for working his passion to create pieces of jewelry art work for so many people.

My Mission & Vision

My ultimate goal is to make you happy. I will work and inspire with you for the conceptual drawing to the fitting and finally the finished product. I will do whatever possible to make this a joyful experience. That is what it’s all about, a wonderfully happy experience creating that special one of a kind piece of jewelry that was made just for you. I will create the design and make it as beautiful as it can be for my clients. I am extremely passionate about my jewelry designs and grateful to know how much I have touched your life with my work.

Please feel free to send pictures of you wearing the new jewelry that I created for you. I would love to receive videos of feelings about your experience working with Marco and  I would love to include these pictures and videos on my web site with your consent.

About Mark Silvers

Providing Quality

MARCO Designer Jewelers will always provide the highest quality jewelry. Workmanship will always be inspected before a customer receives it. The diamonds and gemstones will always be brilliant and of high quality. Creativity, artistic inspiration is a gift and I am honored to have you consider me to create your next special piece of jewelry. With my extensive jewelry expertise I assure you that the jewelry I design for you will come out impeccably beautiful. I sincerely appreciate your business.


When John, my partner of 11 years, owner of 78 degrees spa and I, a Telecommunications Technician at Miami International Airport, vacationed in Italy, I thought it was the best and most romantic time of my life and it couldn't be better. We were on the Island of Murano, where John presented me with his Mom's diamond engagement ring and asked me to marry him, I was blown away. He said to me "I know this ring is not your style (gold, with one large diamond in the center and two smaller diamonds on each side) but do with it what you want...and marry me".

John's Mom had just recently passed and his Dad left us to join her not to soon after. They meant everything to John, and John, to them. This ring and the memories of his Mom, he cherished. So, together we decided to recreate the ring and start our cherished memories.

We decided to have the engagement ring, together with his Dad's wedding band, my father's wedding band, who had passed away several years ago, giving to me graciously by my Mom, who gave up her band to us also, all brought together to form the rings that we will give to each other on our wedding day.

The vision of what we wanted these rings to become, became reality with the guidance, patience and talent of MARCO (Mark Silver) of Argenti Designer Jewelers. He has created two beautiful wedding bands, beauty not only from what they have become, but also beauty from what they had been.

John and I look forward to the day we will exchange these rings and wear them as a symbol of our love, devotion and commitment to each other, just as our parents had done, and we carry on that tradition and their legacy.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida.