Zodiac - Birthstone Rings Collection

Zodiac - Custom Gay Wedding RingFrom ancient cultures throughout the centuries, mankind has assigned special properties to Gemstones. The month you were born into is associated to birthstones with virtues, powers and mystical attributes that are said to help protect the wearer and good fortune.

Birthstone Wedding Band Designs

A Love “Consciousness” is when adding your birth month gemstone into your wedding band design. Each of your birthstones set into your wedding bands creates a sense of eternal love, your soul partner connected to your body wherever you are. In today’s present culture, each birthstone carries special characteristics that are believed to hold true to its wearer in the same sense of your unique bond of marriage. This is a connection and romance of your love for each other that will be strong and forever.

No matter where you are…you will always be together.

All Zodiac rings are stocked and then customized to your size and birthstones selection. These gemstones are precisely handset to your rings customization and may take up to 3 weeks to produce. I want your new jewelry to be impeccably beautiful. Please call MARCO if you are in a special rush to expedite your rings and I will do my very best to accommodate you!

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