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Marco's custom design approach to working with clients on new jewelry pieces ensures that every client will receive the very best undivided attention as he works through the various stages of design to deliver a finished piece of jewelry that is timeless.

Custom design is for a wide variety of people who have sophistication, fashionable taste and who want a more exclusive, unique and original piece of jewelry that is not mass manufactured and commonly available.

At Marco every piece of custom design jewelry has great care and expertise taken in the creation process resulting in a very high quality piece of jewelry. Marco views all of his custom design jewelry as an individualistic piece of art, produced as a one- of-a- kind.

Marco realizes that not everyone can have an eye for design, but most people can appreciate beautiful things. I can take your old gold and make new beautiful modern designs using your diamonds and gemstones at a fraction of the price. Marco can make your old yellow gold into new white gold one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.

Free custom design estimates always at MARCO Designer Jeweler...our pleasure.

The Customize Design Process

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